Fighting the Patriarchy as a LGBTQ Gamer Girl

Bringing equality and social justice to video gaming is one of my most important missions as an enlightened human being that knows the worshipfulness and godliness in all human beings. – I am trying to raise awareness about the toxic patriarchy in video gaming, espeically in online shooters, MOBAs and MMORPGs.


The extent of toxic patriarchical and toxic masculine behavior and the enmity between gamers and LGBTQ+ people is incredibly appaerent when playing games, such as League of Legends, DOTA2 or Overwatch. No matter if you play on EU or NA servers, you will hear denominations of LGBTQ+ specifications thrown out there as insults over and over agian. It is even worse if you play there as a female.


I am not only ashamed of the behavior of most gamers, but also the toxic gender stereotypes. As a transgender myself, this behavior is beyond insulting to me. Cis gender people, especially in gaming, do not know how privileged they are to be cis-gendered, rich enough to afford gaming PCs and steady internet and never having to have gone through gender transition.


In fact, I think it would be fair to create a cis privilege tax where cisgender people are taxed and the money redistributed to the LGBTQ community. Because cis-gender white people on average make a lot more money than LGBTQ people dut to their privileged circumstances.